Leasing programmes

Our core business is leasing of passenger cars, commercial and industrial vehicles.
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Finance leasing
Europlan offers financial leasing of passenger cars, commercial and industrial vehicles. We also offer leasing options for all types of used vehicles.
Goverment leasing subsidy programmes
Europlan participates in the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade’s leasing subsidy programs to offer even more attractive terms for clients.
Taxi leasing
This programme allows customers to lease the most popular passenger cars in the economy, comfort and business categories. We provide taxis with special insurance terms and discounts by working with some of the biggest taxi networks.
Operating lease
This programme enables customers to lease passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Europlan’s terms help customers save on fleet management costs, as all maintenance services are covered by fixed monthly payments.
Leasing for individuals
The program allows individuals to lease passenger cars: new and used ones. Full insurance, registration and car assistance on the road 24/7 are included.
Vehicle subscription
11 different car brands are available in this programme. The subscription allows customers to choose the contract length and mileage limit, and covers all necessary automotive services and maintenance costs. At the end of the subscription term, customers can choose to prolong their contract, register for a new car or end their subscription.
Leaseback allows to obtain capital for business development. You sell your property to Europlan, simultaneously rent it and continue to use. At the end of leasing term you get the property back into ownership.

Automotive services

Since 2015, Europlan expanded beyond leasing services to develop a broader auto service offering.
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Fixed rates for the entire leasing term. For new clients it is also avaliable reduced kasko. It allows to reduce costs on casko by 50%. The programme contains two risks: theft and constructive total loss.
Insurance from the leading russian insurance companies. There are no restrictions on the number of drivers.
It is s a voluntary insurance of civil liability of car owners, under which customer can insure his liability on the road against third persons. VTPL is offered for expansion of the CMTPL limit.
Protects the car from damage and theft and offers customers privileges when settling insurance claims. Customers can choose to expand the comprehensive insurance policy with exclusive options: extended Third-Party Liability insurance; increased reimbursements in the absence of supporting documents, coverage over extended geographies, and more.
Lease payments insurance
Compensation for losses by the lessee in the event of theft or destruction of the leased asset allows customers to compensate their liability due under the lease agreement if they are short on insurance payments, and to refund up to 100% of the advance and lease payments already paid.
Lessee insurance
In the event of unforeseen health or life situations, the insurance company assumes the obligation of fulfilling leasing payments while the car remains with the lessee.
Driver insurance
Coverage includes accident insurance, access to medical services and compensation for the loss or damage of personal belongings of driver and passengers.
Tyre and wheel insurance
Covers the costs associated with damage to or the theft of tyres and wheels without having to submit reports from the appropriate authorities.
Vehicle selection
Assistance in searching and selecting vehicles all over the country. We cooperate with more than 4000 dealers.
Europlan manages the entire registration process. Clients receive registered vehicles that are ready for use.
Road assistance
Roadside assistance is available to customers in over 100 cities across Russia. Customers can ask for help an unlimited number of times during the programme’s period of validity.
Fuel programme
The fuel programme helps customers to optimise their fuel expenses and reduce costs by up to 28%. Customers can track card transactions, set up limits, select fuel types and much more in their personal accounts.
Roadside emergency kit
A set of items to help drivers comply with traffic regulations. These kits are useful in extreme situations, such as providing first aid or putting out a fire.
Service for the installation and maintenance of tachographs. The customer receives a vehicle with a device already installed, configured and activated and can immediately use the vehicle for commercial purposes.
Customers can save up to 20% on service costs thank to Europlan’s corporate discounts. Services can either be included in the lease agreement or paid for separately.
Delivery to repair shop
The service allows to deliver a car to a repair shop and back to a customer without customer participation. Europlan provides an employee who drives the car to the service and back. The service is available only in a complex with maintenance service.
Tire service
Our tire service includes tire purchase, fitting and storage. The service can either be included in the lease agreement or paid for separately.
Vehicle shipping
Europlan customers can purchase cars in any region of Russia and have their vehicle shipped to a chosen address. Customers can choose to have their vehicle shipped by tow truck, commercial car transport vehicle or by rail.
A client can sell his car through Europlan and transfer earned money for an advance payment for a new leasing vehicle. 2.5 thousands of Europlan’s partners will get an offer to byu the client’s car and a client will be able to choose the most relevant offer made.
Back buying from lease agreement
Customer can sell a vehicle from current agreement back to the leasing company. Customer returns the vehicle back to Europlan and pays off a lease debt. Europlan can buy passenger cars, commercial and industrial vehicles.
Vehicle tracking system
The system tracks and controls various vehicle parameters and allows and allows customers to reduce their fleet management expenses by up to 20%. Customers who order this service through Europlan receive a car with the system already installed, saving time on finding another service provider.
Antitheft alarm system
This system combines a vehicle tracking system with vehicle protection. The system allows customers to save money on comprehensive insurance and reduce fleet management costs by up to 20%. Customers who order this service through Europlan receive a car with the system already installed, saving time on finding another service provider.
Privilege and Privilege+
These services open an unlimited access for requests for various documents, making changes in leasing agreements, operations with leasing vehicle and other services which are included in document “Universalnye tarify”.
Vehicle search and return
Customers can contact Europlan for help if their car is stolen, lost or retrieved by the police officers after a theft. Europlan will resolve the issue and return the vehicle promptly to the customer.
Assistance in document collection
In the event of incidents, Europlan helps customers to collect documents needed to process insurance claims and accelerates relevant insurance payouts. After customers lodge a statement with the police, they do not need to deal with the authorities further, and Europlan takes care of the whole claims settlement process.
Extension of lease agreements and repayment holidays
A set of items to help drivers comply with traffic regulations. These kits are useful in extreme situations, such as providing first aid or putting out a fire.
Removal of restrictions
Europlan helps leaseholders remove arrests and prohibitions imposed on leased vehicles by state authorities: Europlan collects and prepares the necessary documents, submits a request for the lifting of restrictions and monitors the execution of the request.
Services included in all-in rates
Ten different services that are provided separately from the lease agreement as needed by the customer: re-registration, reproduction and provision of copies and originals of documents, granting permits for sublease, transferring debt, changing the leased vehicle, recalculation of payments (repayment holidays, early repayment).
Courtesy vehicle
The service makes sure customers can stay behind the wheel instead of experiencing the inconvenience of not having a car while repairs are being made or insurance claims are being settled. The customer can take advantage of this service as part of a lease agreement. The service is available in 29 cities throughout Russia and the list is constantly growing.
Personal account
This service allows customers to manage their current leasing agreements by tracking payment dates and fees, generating online invoices, sending requests to Europlan, ordering new services online, managing settings, and much more.
Electronic document management
Customers can choose to manage their documents electronically with Europlan. We issue invoices, certificates for original cost and services rendered, leasing agreements, and supplementary agreements electronically.
Car marketplace
In the marketplace, customers can receive discounts on cars and make orders for vehicles currently out of stock. The marketplace shows the latest car dealership offers from all over the country, with information updated daily.
Refund up to 100% of advance payment and leasing payments: the refund percentage depends on the quantity of leasing payments made by the time of cancellation of an agreement in case of constructive total loss. Clients can apply for assistance unlimited times while they participate in programme: within the free «Standard» package for agreements signed 01.08.2017 and later the quantity of requests withing the «Standard» and «Standard+» package is limited. Such services as emergency breakdown service and vehicle impoundment could be requested and used only once. Reduce costs on casko by 50%: the discount generates in consequence of only two risks (constructive total loss and theft) covered. Reduce costs by 28%: 7% discount on fuel stations in E100 programme; 2% discount on fuel stations in «PPR» programme and trasing the costs thanks to special «PPR» services: notifications about dubious operations, telematics, analytic diagrams in personal account; due to 20% VAT refund. 20% saving on maintanence costs: the mentioned size of discount is maximal. The final discount counts personally for each client and depends on the service and chosen dealer. The services could be provided not in all regions of Europlan presence. The system allows clients to cut expenses to 20%: Europlan’s partners’ analytic data. This offer is for informational purposes only and under no circumstances is a public offer determined by the provisions of Art. 437 (2) of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. PJSC “LC “Europlan”, OGRN 1 177 746 637 584. EUROPLAN®

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