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We are pleased to share with you positive outlook to the potential of small-ticket automotive leasing in Russia. Our 24-year history and achievements in this segment may serve as the best grounding for this view.

Being reach of figures and carefully collected market data, our Investor presentation also tries to communicate our team (of 2,655 employees) approach to automotive leasing. At Europlan, we strive to make cars easily available to Russian businesses and businessmen.

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About Europlan

Expert RA

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Europlan is no.1 independent automotive leasing company in Russia. The company leases passenger cars, commercial vehicles and smaller construction equipment to legal entities and private individuals. Europlan serves customers throughout the Russian Federation via own distribution network of 85 offices.

The rating of Europlan, assigned by Expert RA, reflects:

  • strong business performance,
  • high liquidity ratios,
  • effective collection and repossession processes,
  • high quality of leasing portfolio,
  • low debt-to-equity ratio,
  • and diversified funding.

PJSC “LC “Europlan” Key Figures

24 years

of experience in Russian

579 k

of leasing agreements

₽ 278.9 bn
€ 4,480.2 m
$ 5,404.7 m

funding raised and paid
in due time

₽ 42.6 bn
€ 412.5 m
$ 436.8 m


₽ 14.3 bn
€ 180 m
$ 200 m

dividends has been paid for 2018-9M 2023

Financial Figures

₽ 211.4 bn
€ 2,049.2 m
$ 2,170.2 m
9M 2023
Net Investment in Leases, NIL
38.4 %
9M 2023
Return on Equity, RoAE
6.5 %
9M 2023
Return on Assets, RoAA
₽ 21.8 bn
€ 243.3 m
$ 263.9 m
9M 2023
Operating Income
20.7 %
9M 2023
Tier 1 capital adequacy ratio.
The ratio is calculated according to Basel III
4Y (2018-2022) CAGR = 30%
4Y (2018-2022) CAGR = 30%
4Y (2018-2022) CAGR = 32%
4Y (2018-2022) CAGR = 29%
4Y (2018-2022) CAGR = 26%
4Y (2018-2022) CAGR = 30%

Calculated based on the consolidated financial statements (IFRS) of PJSC “LC “Europlan”. Annual financial statements have been audited by the independent auditor.

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5 Koroviy Val str,
Moscow, 119049, Russian Federation
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